We users don´t want your questions. We want a dialog.

Polls and surveys are dead. We killed them.

As grownups, we don’t want to answer unsolicited questions. We also don’t work for free and we don’t want our data to be sold based upon small lines that we don’t have the time to read.

These were the guiding principles on which Dialog was based. We don´t want surveys, we want a dialog. It should be fun, interactive, participatory, mature, fast, non-invasive, transparent, and leading to something new! But above all, it should come from the users.

We have opinions, frustrations, proposals and ideas. These won’t be shared if you don’t have the willingness and the capacity to listen.

Nice set of principles to start with! Ok we admit it, we wanted to make a difference and give each of us the capacity to change things. We think we are onto something : )

User driven

Users are in charge. Bombarding users with surveys is over.


Organizations have to deliver value.

For results

It´s about what you care for. Nothing else.